SHARAN Organic Store

SHARAN Organic Store was started in 2018 with the aim of connecting people with nature. Building a strong network of certified organic farmers and brands under one roof. To be able to bring fresh produce from local farms and the most delicious fruits from across the country. 

Capt. Joseph Pinto, the heart and soul of the store has made it his life's mission to spread the knowledge of the power of food, connect organic farmers and consumers and build on the organic movement in the country.

Today we are proud to have 100+ certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free products from entrepreneurs, small-scale industries, and brands across the country. So meet us at the store to feel the power of Organic food.

Also, we are the first Organic and Vegan store in India!

Farm Visits

We believe the best way to understand is to understand food is to experience the process of creation and one must visit a farm at least once in their lifetime. We conduct regular farm visits for our customers to help them understand where does the food they eat comes from, what does organic really mean, problems faced by organic farmers, and to build an appreciation for nature.

Connect with us if you wish to join us on one of our farm visits.

SHARAN Organic Farmer's Market

SHARAN Organic Farmer's Market was started with the aim of connecting consumers with farmers, entrepreneurs, and brands. Today we are proud to create a community that has helped grow and nurture this organic movement. Join us every Sunday at the Champak Studio ( next to Yash Raj Studios, Fun Republic Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai) from 9 am to 1 pm for a day filled with delicious food, fresh produce and fun activities.

The Organic Movement

We truly believe the best way to feel the power of food is to understand the food that you eat. We have tried our best to spread the knowledge of organic farming, food facts, burst myths etc through our social media platforms. Where you will be able to find all the information on organic food, talks with farmers, and information that you need to understand your food.

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SHARAN Organic Store was started by two hardworking, dedicated, and passionate people.

Captain Joseph Pinto

Capt Joseph Pinto retired from the Indian Airforce as a pilot and started flying helicopters in the Civil Offshore Industry India and abroad. Born into a typical Keralite Christian family, he was naturally a hard-core non-vegetarian and had eaten almost all types of meat . He even used to kill homegrown chicken and rabbits in his village for cooking. The result? He suffered from fissures and despite an operation, he always had problems with irregular motion.

In January 2015 he watched Earthlings with his wife Rose and 2 teenaged daughters and from that very moment, he turned vegan, as did his family. Gradually they moved on to a healthy vegan diet. He lost 12kgs, his acidity and all problems with motions too. Also he was relieved from the frequent attacks of cold, which used to take almost a month to recover even with medicine. Now frequency, as well as intensity, reduced to almost nil.

He is now feeling energetic and enthusiastic and wants to help others who are stuck in the same boat. With a promise, not to harm any more animals he wants to spread veganism as much as possible to save nature, animals, and humankind. He left his job and is now working full-time for this cause.

Captain Joseph now handles the SHARAN Organic Farmers markets and the SHARAN Organic store in Mumbai . He also gives talks and conducts cooking sessions for men. He is also the fitness facilitator at the SHARAN 21 Day Health Retreat, where he motivates the participants to cross the limitations that they have set upon themselves.

Rose Pinto

A Christian brought up in Kerala, Rose was led to believe that she was living the perfect healthy and balanced lifestyle with non-veg up until January of 2015 when she attended one of SHARAN’s smoothie classes. She immediately removed all the milk products from her house and then attended an Eat Well and Live Longer workshop, and removed her microwave oven, and all sugar, oil products from her home.

Her whole family turned vegan with her after watching the documentary Earthlings  and attended SHARAN’s workshops too. This helped to maintain her decision in cooking and stay vegan easily.

After six months of following an organic plant-based diet, she carried out a health check-up and, no shock, everything was normal! In fact, her hemoglobin count was higher than usual. Earlier she used to eat anything which is served and regret later but now automatically she always has to check her food before eating and therefore eats only healthy and never regrets it.

She is also a passionate cook and wants to spread the word about this lifestyle because a lot of people surrounding her are suffering from different sorts of ailments that can be cured with this change. She believes that even if she can change one person she is grateful to God. Now she conducts various cooking workshops for SHARAN including the Whole Plant-Based Basic Class and the Six Weeks to Health Gain and Weight Loss program.


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