Earth Essence Tea tree & Thyme Facewash I'm Purity 120gm

SKU: Tea tree & Thyme Facewash
This facewash’s effectiveness comes from its active ingredients like Aquaxyl and Pentavitin that soften, smoothen and hydrate the skin, Tea Tree oil which is a natural antioxidant, and, Thyme and Sepicontrol-A5 that protect the skin from mould, fungal infections and bacteria.
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Tea Tree and Thyme Face Wash

120 (Net Weight)

Your face is the most vulnerable to damage and dirt because of constant exposure to the outer world. If you want your face to be the face of who you are and what you do, it is necessary to keep it constantly rejuvenated, clean, clear, dirt-free, firm, even-toned and glowing. This fantastic combination of traits will be a reality for you when you try our Tea Tree and Thyme Face Wash, enriched with nature and organic goodness.

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