Pro Nature Masoor Black Whole 500g

SKU: Masoor Black Whole
This is a Vegetarian product 100 Percent certified organic Gluten free Enhanced taste due to minimal loss of natural proteins Superior quality grains Country of Origin: India
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Pro nature pulses - a cut above the rest. The way our mother's touch make our every food special, we believe that it is the human touch which makes the difference, which adds that little something extra which puts it a cut above the rest. Pro nature pulses are first machine cleaned using the high precision sortex technology so that you are ensured of nothing but the best. Our pulses then undergo a second round of manual cleaning and packaging to make sure that every packet that you receive is perfect. Use pro nature's 100 percent certified organic pulses and give your dals, sambhars and soups a special touch, making your dishes a cut above the rest.

Pro Nature Organic Masoor Dal is sourced from certified organic farms bringing 100% organic, unpolished pulses that retain their goodness and natural taste. It is an important source of Proteins making it a healthy and tasty meal for everyone. Organically grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Masoor Dal is naturally Gluten Free.

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